[Ended] The Amazing World of the Angels


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From the moment an individual is conceived in his mother’s womb, until his death and beyond, angels play an integral part in human life. Angels bring forth the soul of the dying and they bring comfort or inflict torment in the grave. An angel will sound the Trumpet on the Last Day, and angels will be present on the Day of Judgment until they accompany people to their ultimate destination in Paradise or Hell.

Unravel the world of the Angels by joining our webinar on 30th September 2017.

Date: 30th September 2017

Time: 9am – 10 am (Brisbane time)


  • Makkah – Sat, 30th Sep, 2:00AM
  • Sydney/Melbourne – Sat, 30th Sep, 9:00am
  • Adelaide – Sat, 30th Sep 8:30am
  • Perth/KL/Singapore – Sat, 30th Sep 7am
  • Auckland – Sat, 30th Sep 11am
  • Los Angeles – Fri, 29th Sep 4pm
  • GMT: Fri, 29th Sep 11PM

What You’ll learn?


The physical characteristics, attributes and abilities of Noble Angels
The nature of the Angels and their status.
The relationship of the Angels and Humankind
The relationship of the Angels and other creations of Allah

Webinar Concluded. Registrations are closed

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