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Description of Paradise


As a true Muslim in our lives we strive to believe in and praise Allah (swt), with a paramount and ultimate goal of getting admitted into Paradise (Jannah). Hopefully that our lives hereafter will be in Paradise, and naturally we all are very eager about to know what Paradise is like.

The Quran describes people about Paradise, it will be granted by Allah(swt) to them, and indicate its beauties to all human beings. Actually the reality of Paradise cannot be understand until and unless people enter into it, but Allah (swt) has revealed some of its glimpses in holy Qur’an.

“… there will be there all that the souls could desire, all that the eyes could delight in …” (Quran 43:71)

“Eat and drink at ease for that which you have sent forth (good deeds) in days past!” (Quran 69:24)

“… They will be adorned therein with bracelets of gold, and they will wear green garments of fine silk and heavy brocade. They will recline therein on raised thrones. How good the recompense! How beautiful a couch to recline on!” (Quran 18:31)

Let us join this joyful journey (Free Webinar) and try to feel the unmatchable & unimaginable glimpses of Paradise mentioned by Allah (swt) and His Prophet Muhammad (saws) in the scriptures.


Date: Sun 18th September, 2016

Time: 9:30 am

  • Makkah: Sun September, 18th at 2:30 am
  • Sydney/Brisbane/Melbourne: Sun September, 18th at 9:30am
  • KL/Singapore/Perth: Sun September, 18th at 7:30am
  • GMT: Sat September, 18th at 11:30pm


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