In Love Forever, Islamic Marriage Course

flyer-for-marriage-courseIn Love Forever, Islamic Marriage Course

Brought to you by HikmahWay Institute and presented by Sheikh Aslam AbuIsmaeel (Scholar, Dentist, Teacher & Marriage Counsellor), this course is aimed at both singles and married couples.

It is being held in 7 cities throughout Australia and 4 cities in New Zealand (Brisbane already completed on Sunday 11th Sept with a very large turnout.

It is an excellent opportunity to spend a day with Muslims from all walks of life, learning about the Islamic guidance on marriage in all its aspects.

Come yourself and bring your family/relatives/friends/work colleagues and increase your reward!

Don’t forget the great prizes, Free Umrah Ticket, iPad 2, Laptop, MP3 player & Smartphone!! Great food & drinks also available on the day, alhamdulillah.

Course notes also available and receive your own registration key to further information presented by video recordings!

If you are a student in Years 10, 11 or 12, then make sure you enter the competition to win Laptop/MP3/Smartphone.