[ENDED] – Divine Books of the Past Prophet, What happened to Them?

The Torah and Injil (Bible) are among divine scriptures revealed to our Prophets. What happened to them? Are their laws applicable to us now? Why did Allah not protect and preserve them? Find answer to these questions and more in our upcoming webinar “The Divine Books of the Past Prophets – What happened to them?” [...]

[ENDED] Marriage Tips: Searching for Compatible Spouse is a Major Help to Lower Divorce or Unhappiness

Allah created marriage to bring tranquility to our lives. Yet more than half marriages these days end up in divorce. Out of those still married, many stay in an unhappy marriage. Now, there is a great way to avoid these problems which is to choose your wife or husband properly from the beginning and thus [...]

[ENDED] Free Webinar – Reasons the Quran is the Book of Allah

How can you explain to people who asked whether Quran is from God the Almighty? This is your chance to join this FREE webinar & learn Reasons that Quran Is The Book of Allah

[Ended] – How the Quran is Preserved

Quran is among the top religious scriptures read by many. While many religious message from other scriptures lost defeated by the test of time, The Quran proven superior in this aspect. Join this Webinar to listen to how the Quranic message has been miraculously preserved. COMPLETED Time Speaker   Date: 31 January, 2016 Time: Makkah: Sun [...]

[Ended] Means of Getting our Dua Accepted

Seeing many atrocities in the world, did that ever make your wonder why Allah has not accepted your prayer? Join us in this webinar series to learn about the Means of Getting Our Dua’ Accepted.

[Ended] – Means of Getting Allah’s Help

Muslim world today is going through some of the most difficult times in the 1400 year history. Join our FREE webinar to discuss the Means of Getting Allah’s Help and Success.

Prophet Muhammad (saw) Hadith Authenticity (Full) by Sh Aslam AbuIsmaeel

Chronology and stages of how the Prophet?s words and hadith were preserved; how we gain confidence in authenticity of hadith; earliest written records and memorisation of hadith from the Prophet?s time; Major scholars of hadith of various ages; Major books of hadith compilation of various stages; science of jarh wa tadeel (appraisal of reliability of […]

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The Greatest Four
Chronicles of Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman & Ali (r.a)

You cannot stop the fitnah of the last days around us, but you can help & enlighten yourself to find priceless internal peace for yourself, your family, friends & those around you by studying the lives of The Greatest Four!

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[ENDED] Fiqh of Women’s Taharah (Purification)

“The Key to the Prayer is Taharah (purification)”, said our beloved Prophet Muhammed (pbuh). Daily Wudu (ablution), proper shower (ghusl) for prayer, purification after ….