[Ended] The Existence of GOD Adelaide

HikmahWay Institute & Islamic Student Society of ISSUA Presents

The Existence of GOD (Adelaide)

HikmahWay Institute with Islamic Student Society of ISSUA present a 2 hours, free entry, course on the topic, The Existence of God, and will be presented by Sheikh Aslam AbuIsmaeel. Sheikh Aslam AbuIsmaeel, along with his broad knowledge in the religion and medical field.


Topic that will be covered:
  • Preparing Muslim Students to Study Science at Uni & Keep a Firm Iman
  • Critique of Theory of Evolution & Atheism.
  • Causes of Atheism in West
  • Reality of Fossil Records and Genetics
  • Knowing That God Exists & Clearing The Doubts About God


Date: Sat, 18 March, 2017

Time: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

Course concluded