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The Prophets and The Messengers of God

Their Mission and Message in 21st Century

Presented by Sheikh Aslam AbuIsmaeel (Islamic Uni of Medina)


Allah sends prophets as messengers to deliver His message about the oneness of God to mankind. The prophets were human being chosen by Allah to deliver His message.

What are the attribute of a human that lifted his status as prophet of Allah?
Can anyone be a Prophet of Allah? If not, why only certain people were prophet of Allah?

Importantly, is their message still relevant to us in 21st Century?

Find the Answer for these and more by joining us for another exciting journey to unravel  “The Prophets and The Messengers: Their Mission and Message for the 21st Century” 25th November 2017, Saturday.

Date: 25th November 2017

Time: 9am – 11 am (Brisbane time)


  • Makkah – Sat, 25th Nov, 2:00AM
  • Sydney/Melbourne – Sat, 25th Nov, 9:00am
  • Adelaide – Sat, 25th Nov 8:30am
  • Perth/KL/Singapore – Sat, 25th Nov 7am
  • Auckland – Sat, 25th Nov 11am
  • Los Angeles – Fri, 24th Nov 4pm
  • GMT: Fri, 24th Nov 11PM

What You’ll learn?


  • A linguistic look at the word Nabi and Rasool.
  • Why humankind is in need of the messengers and their message.
  • The tasks and missions of the messengers
  • Al-Wahy – the revelation from Allah
  • The Attributes of the messengers
  • The infallibility of the prophets
  • Signs of Prophethood
  • The obligation of believing in the messages

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