Winning Hearts & Minds - Tafseer Surah Yaseen

Winning Hearts & Minds Tafseer of Surah YaseenDetailed Tafseer of Surah Yaseen By Shaik Aslam AbuIsmaeel

What you will learn?

– How we can feel a overwhelming rush of Imaan and grow in Love of Allah
– Realize the signs of Allah all around us
– Proof that Muhammed (s) is true Prophet
– Proof that Islam is the true religion of God
– Why some never accept Islam while others live for it
– Graphic description of hell
– Magnetizing pull towards Paradise
– How Allah looks after true Believers
– Be filled with awe of Allah

Who is this course for?

– Every Muslim male & female
– Those who want a reason to live for to wake up to and have a heart full of deep satisfaction
– Those who want to grow in conviction of Islam
– Those who want to call others to Islam
– Those who may or may not have studied Islam but want to reach greater heights.

Cities :  Adelaide  |  Perth  |  Melbourne  |  Sydney

April 2013