Open Your Treasure of The Quran


Open Your Treasure of The Quran by Now is the time Open your Treasure of the Qur'an with this adults' Arabic program designed for understanding and reflecting. It focuses on the development of the key principle of proficiency in the Arabic language, including insights into understanding the Noble Quran and hadith. You've always dreamed to Learn the language of the Quran Longed to understand the message of the Quran Wished to immerse yourself in the wisdom of the hadith Then, HikmahWay Arabic Course InshaAllah is the course that will take you further in understanding the [...]

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Spirit of Ramadan


What You will learn? Discover the merits and rewards of Ramadan, Fasting, Itikaf, Tarawih. Learn the essentials of Fiqh of Fasting, Tarawih, Itikaf and Eid. Be able to help other Muslims during this Ramadan about their questions. Listen to motivating Islamic online lectures during Ramadan. Best of all, you can ask questions about Ramadan issues for the whole month.

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