Question 16 : Assalam alikum Shaikh, we see during Taraweeh people who come late they start a new Jama’ah for Isha prayer and that disturbs a bit who are already praying Taraweeh? What is the correct approach to this, should they join Taraweeh or continue what they doing?

Answer: Walaikumussalam Brother,

Firstly, there is nothing wrong if a person did not join the taraweeh congregation but prayed his own taraweeh alone. If he prayed with another jamah their own tataweeh this is not good as it disturbs the other congregation. However praying at a distance where it doesnt disturb is permissible, though less better, because at time of Abu Bakr and beginning of Umar (r.a), sahabah prayed multiple tataweeh jama’ah in one Masjid so long as not disturbing nor dividing Muslims. But Umar suggested them to pray taraweeh altogether and that is better.

But your question is about a 2nd Isha jama’ah by set of late comers disturbing the first congregation. This is a different matter to taraweeh. With a 2nd isha congregation prayer for late comers, some of the great Imams of fiqh held the opinion that in a Masjid where there is an appointed set Imam, the late comers should not start another congregation, rather they should pray alone by themselves. This seems the strongest of the two opposing opinions because it has not been related that the sahabah routinely had late comers begin a second late congregation at time of the Prophet (s a.w) even though surely some people will be late. Moreover, two congregations in one place has strong chance of creating sectarian and divisive feelings and disunites the people. Hence, when once the Prophet (s.a.w) direcred a man to stand up to be in congregation for tue late comer, it was by permission of and in sight of the first Imam himself and it was a one off situation to the best of our knowledge.

So, the late comers should pray by themselves and not start a 2nd Jama’ah in the Masjid when there is a fixed Imam normally. Even with taraweeh, the late comers should really join the Imam’s taraweeh having Niyyah as their fard Isha prayer, or pray alone, but not divided. I would recommend the late comers to not join a second jamah if late.

Allah knows best.

Note:They can join Imam’s taraweeh with intention that it is their own Fard as I wrote above.

To get full reward of whole night prayer, its hadith indicates that you need to at least start with Isha prayer with Imam. Allah knows best.