Women Companions of the Prophet (s)

Their Lives, Inspiration & Legacy

women companions


We have heard and learnt about the great male companions as well as many other companions of the Prophet Mohammad (s), now we would like to invite you to join us for a very special course where we will learn about some very exceptional companions, these are the : “Women Companions of the Prophet (s) – Their Lives, Inspiration & Legacy”

Discover some of our Greatest role-models :

– The Four Women Who Perfected their religion
– The Wives of the Prophet (s)
– His Daughter’s (r)
– Many other Inspiring Female Companions

Course Description :

Allah chose the greatest generation to be the Companions of the greatest man, Prophet Muhammad (s). His Women Companions are an eternal inspiration and an ideal role model for both brothers & sisters.

Join us in a first ever weekend long course on the  ‘Women Companions of the Prophet Muhammad – Their Lives, Inspiration & Legacy’ course, to relish a great past, discover our Muslim identity, and shape a truly awesome Islamic future!



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