Life of Khadijah RA

Life of Khadijah RA

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house of khadija centered RA 400 (1)Khadijah RA, the mother of the believers, stood by the prophet (S) when others turned against him in the beginning of his prophet-hood. She believed in him when many others did not. She supported him emotionally and financially and in every other way she could. She was a great mother, a great wife and a great believer.









Lesson 1 The House of Khadeejah RA

It was a house where the prophet (S) had so much support in his early prophet-hood period. It was a house where great people like Fatimah RA and Ali ibn Abi Talib RA were raised up. It was a house where Allah SWT sent His salaams to Khaidjah RA with the angel Jibreel (Gabriel). It was a very special house, the house of Khaidjah RA.