Spirit of Ramadan

Spirit of Ramadan

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Spirit of Ramadan

What you will gain from this Course:


  • Discover the merits and rewards of Ramadan, Fasting, Itikaf, Tarawih.
  • Learn the essentials of Fiqh of Fasting, Tarawih, Itikaf and Eid.
  • Be able to help other Muslims during this Ramadan about their questions.
  • Listen to motivating Islamic online lectures during Ramadan.
  • Best of all, you can ask questions about Ramadan issues during the whole month.


Spirit P2: Meaning of Ramadan History And Merits

In this lesson we will learn about the meaning of Ramadan from Arabic to english, its History according to Qur’an and Hadith, what are different benefits and the levels of worshiping in different days and times in the month of Ramadan, The list of books of other Prophets revealed in the month of Ramdan and the merits of the Spiritual month of Ramadan.

Spirit P3: Wisdom in Fasting & Quran in Ramadan

The contents and importance of this lesson –
– Shows the wisdom of fasting, in its duration, number of days, things to refrain from,
– Wisdom also of Quran revealed in Ramadan and fasting prescribed therein too,
– Understanding of Taqwa and its fruits and effects of sins.

Spirit P4: Rewards and Merits of Fasting

This lesson takes us through explanation of hadith of Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w) about enormous reward from Allah for fasting in Ramadan, with appreciation of the wisdom and meaning of these hadith in depth. Rewards and Merits of Fasting present in the Qur’an and different Ahadith of Prophet saws in the books of hadith.

A truly worthwhile one hour study time for this video.

Spirit P5: Best Deeds you can do in Ramadan

This lesson contains 25 points, each point is an important highly rewarding aspect of Ramadan, encouraged by Allah and His Messenger (s.a.w). For a few points it contains an elaboration of the spirit and wisdom while with a few points important fiqh matters are explained in a way that emphasises a balanced approach following the texts, sticking to the great Imams and Scholars while respecting the view of the other person in Ijtihad matters.

Spirit P6: Conditions for Valid Fast & Its Wujub

Contents of this lesson: What are the conditions that make fasting obligatory on a person?

Who is fasting compulsory on? Conditions required to oblige fasting. Conditions for a valid fast.

Is having Intention the previous night for Obligatory Fasting , And what are the Conditions for a fast to be accepted and rewarded by Allah SWT.

Spirit P7 Actions Makrooh Disliked in Fast

In this lesson we will learn about the things which are disliked while fasting because they defeat the purpose of fasting.

What is the meaning of Makrooh in fasting, Some acts do not nullify the fast. what is the meaning of Haraam in fasting.

Also important principles about when an action maybe Makrooh and when Haraam.

Spirit P8: Mubah (Permissible) Actions in Fasting

Clarifying of some doubts during Ramdan and fasting. We may assume some actions are disliked or even haraam while fasting and yet they are not. Imam Bulkhari relates sayings from some of the greatest Sahabah and next generation Scholars about some such examples. In this lesson, Sh Aslam, goes through Imam Bukhari’s list plus much more .

Spirit P9: Fast Invalidators & Imp Beautiful Tafsir

In Islam, Allah gave us a religious way of life that is a mercy and compassion, and so He also made His guidance absolutely clear for is to follow – Sh Aslam demonstrates a great example of this from a deep look at the beautiful inspiring Tafseer of Surah Baqarah (2), Verse 187. Besides the Tafseer of that, this lesson mentions things that break the fast, and one wherein the great Scholars differ.

Spirit P10: Missing Fasts: Who can & How to Make up

This is one of the most important sections. Everyone of us may need to miss or break a fast for a valid reason, such as traveling on a journey, being ill on a Ramadan day, pregnancy of our wife, breast-feeding, menstrual or post-childbirth bleeding (Nifaas), old aged parent unable to fast, intra-venous or intra-muscular injections required during fasting hours, etc.

This video for the first 50 minutes roughly explains answers to above questions and scenarios. The last 25 minutes or so is a very practical summary of all these principles in an easy to absorb table format – excellent summary and very useful so don’t miss this part of video!