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  • “She believed in me when no one else did…”

    “She believed in me when no one else did…” – this was the remark that the Prophet (Peace & Blessings be upon him) said when he was asked by Aishah r.a about his deep love for his first and now deceased wife, Khadeejah, RadiaAllahuanha. The Prophet SAW replied: “She believed in me when no one [...]
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  • Valuable Lessons learnt at Stradbroke Island Camp

    In the last AMYN summer camp, the participants were blessed with opportunity to strengthen their Iman while enjoying the beautiful Stradbroke Island scenery. During the 4 day camp, daily knowledge circles were held for up to 2 hours on the need of our time, Islamic Parenting Skills. Using wide case study sources from real life [...]
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  • Like the Marriage of Prophet Musa (a.s)

    While two girls waited by the side of a well to draw water from it for their flock of sheep, they could have crowded the men rubbing shoulders or remain modest in their pursuit. They, like the young Moses nearby, chose obedience of Allah and what pleases Him the most, knowing little that Allah was [...]
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  • Still Waiting for result of your dua’? Chances that you may do it wrong!

    The anticipated webinar – Means of Getting Our Dua’ Accepted, had been successfully organised on the 26 Dec 2015. Although, it was holiday for most people, the attendees did not hold back and instead, they tuned in and listened to the Webinar.   The followings were the highlights of the webinar – Sheikh Aslam began [...]
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  • HikmahWay Is Happy to Announce ImanNest Tips

    HikmahWay Institute is pleased to announce the launching of a new Youtube Channel “ImanNest Tips”. The channel will publish regular iman-boosting  video to help every Muslim with the aspects of their life and the hereafter. Don’t forget to visit and subscribe to this new youtube channel Subcribe Now!
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HikmahWay Short Courses

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