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  • Major Signs of Judgement Day Part 2 Summary

    Alhamdulillah, all praise is for Allah (S) the lord of the worlds. In this webinar we looked at the remaining major signs before the hour which the Prophet Muhammad (S) said in a hadith, the meaning of which is that these signs will come one after another in a sequence. The remaining signs of the […]
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  • How much is the Nisab for Zakat this year 2017CE/1438H?

    How much is the Nisab for Zakat this year 2017CE/1438H By: Sheikh Aslam Abuismaeel How much is the Nisab for Zakat this year? In the time of the Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w) Gold Dinar and Silver Durham were the currency of the people so he set 20 Dinar (85g of Gold) and 200 Dirham (about […]
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  • Highlights from Major Signs of Judgement Day Part 1 of 2 Webinar

    Alhamdulillah. All praise is for Allah (S), the lord of the worlds and the owner of the Day of Judgement. Allah the Almighty has informed us in the Qur’an that the hour is coming and the knowledge of the hour is only with Allah (S). No human being, no Prophet nor any Angel has been [...]
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  • Highlights from Judgement Day Part 2 Webinar

    Belief in the Day of Judgement is one of the six pillars of Iman (Faith).  It gives purpose to the existence to the entire creation of Allah.  It shows to us that our creation, our life and our death, have a reason and a purpose behind them. The scenes of the people seeking intercession, the [...]
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  • Recap on past webinar JUDGEMENT DAY – Part 1

    The Day of Judgement is the culmination of the efforts and deeds of the life of this world.  Some on that Day will be content, reassured and satisfied with their positions, whilst others will be in anguish and despair.  The Day of Judgement is the Last Day after which there is no other.  Belief in […]
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