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‘Iftar for Poor In Covid’ Program

About ‘Iftar4PoorInCovid’ Program

During Ramadan, we invite friends for Iftar or our friends invite us, because the Prophet (s.a.w) encouraged us to.

While we are fortunate in Australia to have Allah’s help firstly, and then government help to help us stay alive and well during Coronavirus Pandemic, many people in many countries around the world do not have government help nor a job or even enough money to buy food for themselves and their children to stay alive! This is reality today!

We cannot help the entire world population of needy people, but every one of us can do even a little to feed not one, but numerous poor people suffering overseas during the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, did you know that we can help to feed one person with one cooked meal in some countries with just $1. Please donate, even if $1 only!

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Quranic Inspirations – For a Great Quality of Life

We probably don’t realise that during the day, every day, we receive messages about how to think, dream and behave for a great life – yet most of this are mere ideas of people, often not pious people!

Join us each Friday Nights online for half hour to hear Sheikh Aslam redress the balance in what we hear all weak, and replace it a little with real life related ideas via Tafsir of selected verses of Allah that fill our hearts & minds with Qur’anic Inspiration for a Greater Quality of Life! Remember to attend this, 30 mins every Friday!

Every Friday Live Online on Zoom

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Presented by:
Sheikh Aslam Abu Ismaeel
Grad Islamic Uni of Madinah

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