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  • Highlights from Judgement Day Part 2 Webinar

    Belief in the Day of Judgement is one of the six pillars of Iman (Faith).  It gives purpose to the existence to the entire creation of Allah.  It shows to us that our creation, our life and our death, have a reason and a purpose behind them. The scenes of the people seeking intercession, the [...]
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  • Recap on past webinar JUDGEMENT DAY – Part 1

    The Day of Judgement is the culmination of the efforts and deeds of the life of this world.  Some on that Day will be content, reassured and satisfied with their positions, whilst others will be in anguish and despair.  The Day of Judgement is the Last Day after which there is no other.  Belief in […]
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  • Importance of remembering death and to prepare for it

    Let’s remind ourselves of the importance of remembering death in order to prepare for it. Scientists and Doctors can tell you what happens to the body during death but they can not tell you what happens to the essence of it. Death is no doubt in the minds of Many (Muslims and Non Muslims) Everyone [...]
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  • Description of Hell Webinar Report

    Description of Hell Webinar Concluding Report   Nothing is worse than becoming a loser on the Day of Judgment and being thrown into Hellfire. Reflecting over the descriptions of Hell not only builds our Iman in Allah (SWT), but moreover helps strengthens our resolve to stay away from the things that will lead us into […]
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  • Description of Paradise Free Webinar Report

    Nothing is more dear to the Believer than entrance into Paradise and the avoidance of Hell. The descriptions of Paradise and Hell and its people inspire every person towards their achieving this ultimate goal. HikmahWay Institute presents a two-part free webinar series on the topics of the Descriptions of Paradise and Hell. The first webinar, […]
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