In this book, the subject of Rajaa’ (hope) is addressed, which is one of the deeds of the heart, and the most important of them all; having hope is an obligation, and one which must be directed to Allah The Almighty alone.

Hope is necessary for those who are on the path of pleasing Allah The Almighty, so that they may reach this goal (i.e. pleasing Allah). If one loses hope in Allah The Almighty for a second, then he will be ruined or almost ruined, because the state of a Muslim alternates between committing a sin which he hopes to be forgiven for, having a defect which he hopes to rectify, performing a good deed which he hopes shall be accepted, guidance which he hopes to achieve or closeness to Allah The Almighty which he hopes to attain.

Therefore, hope is one of the most powerful means which help a person on his path towards Allah The Almighty; it also helps one maintain steadfastness on religion, especially during times like the ones we live in now, which are full of temptations, desires, trials and misconceptions. Hence a Muslim must try to possess all the means that would help him remain steadfast, and one of the most important of these is hope.

We must understand hope in a proper way in order to be among those who truly have hope, because if we misunderstand it then we would be among those who have wishful thoughts and false hopes.


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