In the past we used to send numerous emails whenever there is an event and then none for long time.


Now we are introducing a regular HikmahWay Newsletter that we will start sending fortnightly inshallah and later weekly. In this newsletter, we will keep you abreast with all our offerings – the new Short Online Courses all of which are free and yet very beneficial, our webinar series, our ┬ávideo productions, and more yet to be announced dawah offerings.


This way you will not get too many emails from us about one event all at once, instead you get regular emails once a week with everything you can benefit set out neatly altogether. With time we will improve the contents of the HikmahWay Newsletter updates inshallah, and now is just a small humble beginning!


We pray Allah blesses in this effort and all efforts of our brothers and sisters and makes them super beneficial for us all. Ameen.



Sheikh Aslam AbuIsmaeel

HikmahWay Institute