Question 1. asamu alaykum wrbt.

i pray everyone is having a blessed ramadhan.

ive always wondered however i dont let it get to me. i understand ramadhan is a month of doing as much good deeds and ibadah, however there is alot more impact in regards to the last 10 nights as i already know.

my question how should a Muslim approach each day during ramadhan. should he save all his good actions throughout the last ten nights;

– give more zakat

– perform more tarweeh and qiyam

or should he generally spread it out or look at each day as potentially as his last. inshaa Allah that makes sense

eg; so should i just do qiyam in the last ten nights because if i do it eveyday, i may be worn out or my dua may not be as sincere as the days before the last 10 nights

jazakumallahu khair, asalamu alaykum wrbt


Answer: وعليكم السلام ورحمة اللع وبركاته

My suggestion is that whatever good deeds we normally do in general such as charity, kindness to others, etc, we increase it in quality and/or quantity throughout the Ramadan. One day may be monetary charity, another day maybe visiting blood relatives, another day may be calling or visiting people to make them happy etc. So as a month, the good deeds are more than another month, though not each day more than the previous. As for Ramadan related specific ebadah, such as reciting Quran, dua and extra prayers at night, I suggest to do it twice or 3 or 4 times as much each Ramadan day or night as compared to usual days and nights. Then in the last ten days, do for example ten times more prayer, dua & Quran and do it better than a usual out of Ramadan day or night. So the first 20 daysa little more prayers, Quran, etc but the last 10 days much more theoughout the ten days. Example normal day read one page Quran, in Ramadan days/nights read 4 pages a fay and then last 10 days read about 15 pages a day for example.

Remember though all this is recommended and good but we shouldn’t put so much pressure on ourselves so as to become crippled or mentally depressed if didn’t do that much! May allah give us all success to be much better in doing good deeds this Ramadan, ameen