Question 2: Assalamu Alaikum. As you heard that my wife is pregnant, she is wishing to do fast in the Ramadan. She is now in the third trimester, so I suggested her not to fast and complete it later or give fidya. Would you please let us know what is exact Islamic direction to this situation? JazakAllahu Khairan.


Answer: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

A pregnant woman has obligation to fast in Ramadan but is allowed to delay ONLY as many days AS NEEDED for her and the baby’s health to later.

So 1st point is that a pregnant woman has the obligation to fast Ramadan. Second point is that she should fast as many days as she can fast in Ramadan in a way where it is not hurting her or her baby and can leave as many days as needed in between. So for example she starts fasting one day, two days, more that is comfortable. And then whenever she feels she is heading towards getting tired/weakness and needs a break, then before any harm comes, she stops fasting and takes a break for as many days as she feels she needs to feel fully strong. Then she fasts a few more days in Ramadan and then stops when needs to. And so on till the end of the month. So she she may have fasted all together two days in every seven days for example. Then she remembers the days missed and then after Ramadan she slowly makes up those days at earliest convenient opportunity – one fast at a time – in the course of her lifetime.

As for just giving money to the poor per day of missing Ramadan fast, that is only for a very elderly person or one with a terminal illness who expects to never fast again in their life. And nearly all scholars of Islam did not believe pregnant woman just gives money, rather almost all scholars said she does Qada for days missed later on while some said she does Qada as well as give money to poor. But most scholars said she does Qada only and no need to do Qada plus charity. And this seems to be the most correct.

الله أعلم