Question 9 : Salaam sheikh. I ordered an item online with specific design requirements and agreed to pay half at the time of ordering and the rest after recieving the item in the given time. They sent it to me really quickly but it didnt meet my requirements. It did not even function. After asking them to fix it multiple times and them failing to i cancelled the agreement. Am i obliged to pay the rest of the money which they are demanding?


Answer : :Walaikumussalam Brother,

If the item was not working from the moment you received it, meaning you received a faulty item, then according to Islamic guidance, they should either give you another new working item or return your half of the payment (minus initial transport cost if you agreed to pay transport).

You do not owe them any money unless the item arrives in good working condition as described prior to purchase.

But if you yourself changed your mind AFTER receiving a working sound state item, then the sale is still valid and complete if no further cooling off period was agreed to prior to the sale being completed. Then, you owe the amount to the seller and you can also try to request a cancel of the sale though the seller is not ordinarily obliged to accept a return. But this is only of you were to change your mind. But if the seller provided a faulty item or one that dis not fit the pre sale description agreed upon, then the seller must supply the described item or return the money.

Allah knows best