Question 18 : Assalamualaikum Sheikh, May Allah bless you abundantly, I have a question,

What is the ruling on combining the sunnah prayers after isya’ (Ishaan) and taraweeh? So I pray two rakaah but with two niyyahs.

Answer: Assalamualaikum brother,

Sheikh Ibn Baz (may Allah have mercy upon him) said that the taraweeh Prayer is a separate Sunnah and the two rakats after Isha is a separate Sunnah. Then some other scholars further said, as in the IslamQA link below, given that the Sunnah and the Taraweeh are two separate independent prayers, it means we should not pray the Sunnah of Isha with another intention for Taraweeh for the same two rak’ah. Allah knows best.


This is a link from IslamQA.
About half way down the page, they address this issue.