Question 19: Asalamu alaylum shiekh

What do u do if you turn up late for isha and they have juat started praying taraweeh, should u wait for the jammat to finish tataweeh and then pray your isha or should u pray ur isha with the jammat but with the intention of praying isha.

Jazakallahu khair


Answer :   Walaikumussalam Brother,

Sheikh Ibn Baz and many other of the leading scholars of Fiqh said that if the Imam is praying Taraweeh, you can join in with your intention for Isha prayer. Then count your rakah and once the Imam finishes, you get up for next rakah to complete whatever remains of the four Isha in total. This is one option you have.

Another option is if the Imam is praying taraweeh, then there is no blame on you not joining in for some rakah. So you can pray Isha by yourself alone and then join the taraweeh with intention for taraweeh. This is second option.

Both options are valid, just fine, and not wrong.