Question 24: Asalamu alaikum, when do the last 10 days of Ramadan start? Jazakallah kheir

Answer : Walaikumussalam Brother,

For those who are doing by moonsighting in Australia, the 30th fast is Monday 26th June. So working backwards, the 21st fast will be on Saturday 17th June. Thus the first night prayer for the last ten nights will fall in Friday 16th June inshallah

The last ten days begin on 21st day and the last ten nights begin from the night before the 21st fast, i.e. Fri 16th June 2017.

For those people who are doing the Eid by calculations or other sightings besides Australia, the last ten nights begin one night before the above (i.e. Thurs 15th June night is first of last ten nights for them).