Question 28: Assalamualaikum Shaikhs. May Allah reward you both graciously for this initiative.

According to the Sunnah, to perform the itikaf, one must enter the masjid on the 20th of Ramadan before the sun sets and only leave the masjid once Ramadan ends.

Is it still acceptable to do itikaf only on certain days and go to work after fajr and return back to the masjid before maghrib?

Answer: Assalamualaikum Brother,

Itikaaf is a Sunnah act of worship and the sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ in itikaaf was for 10 days but it is permissible (and very rewarding) to still do it even for one day or a few days. Because it is sunnah there is no sin on leaving itikaaf anytime.

Ideally we enter itikaaf before Maghrib at end of the 20th day (ie night before 21st fast), according to what some great scholars explained, and leave at Maghrib on the last day.

May Allah accept our itikaaf and other acts of worship.