Question 33: A salam Aleikoum Sheick ,

I have two quick questions. First , Is it compulsory to fast when we are on a trip ? Let’s say you have come down to Sydney for just a day and you are travelling back the following day , is it compulsory to fast during the course of your stay ?

Secondly lets say we have decided to fast while on a trip ,do we have to break our fast using our permanent residence’ time or the trip’s location ? Many thanks

JazakAllahou Khair

Answer: Assalamualaikum Brother ,

It is not compulsory to fast on a travel/trip. However it is permissible to fast during the journey if the fast will not be very difficult. And if the journey will not affect you at all (or not much at all), then it is better to fast, especially if it is a Ramadan fast. But there is no harm in not fasting on a journey.

During the trip, you should start and break the fast according to the time of the place where you are at those occasions.