Question 35: Assalamualaikum Sheikh.

Is it mandatory to shave the hair of girls for the purpose of akikah or naming?


Answer: Walaikumussalam Dear Brother/Sister

Aqiqah, according to the main opinion of the scholars is a highly recommended deed (Sunnah/Mustahabb) but not a fard/wajib/compulsory.

As such shaving of hair of the new born (on the 7th day preferably) and giving its weight in silver as charity is highly recommended but not compulsory.

The same is the case with the sacrifice on the 7th day.

Likewise, naming the child is recommended by the Prophet (s.a.w) for the 7th day too, but before or after is fine also. But there is no dependency of naming upon shaving of hair and charity.

May Allah bless the child with a life of good deeds out of obedience and worship of the Most Compassionate Allah – our Creator, Lord, and Owner!

Wassalam ualaikum