Question 39: Assalaamu ‘alaykum dear Sheikhs,
If I remember correctly, one of the recommended things to do in the last ten nights of Ramadaan is tadabbur/pondering/contemplation of Quraan.
Is this correct?
If so, does this imply reading the tafseer? To what extent?

Answer: Assalamu alaikum Br Ismail,

Scholars mentioned that great Imams such as Imam Malik would close his books and focus on Quran recitation during Ramadan. This is what I have heard from numerous scholars to recite Quran increasigly in Ramadan, rather than to spend too much time on deep study of various Islamic knowledge subjects or deep study of every verse as we recite. However when we recite the Quran, we are meant to reflect and ponder upon its meaning. That much we ought to. As for verse by verse deep study ie Tafsir, it seems not the main focus in Ramadan.

A wisdom I can think is that reciting the entire Quran with reflection helps to refresh memory to the whole message of Quran once in a while, lest we forget aspects of its message. On other occasions it is of course good to study Quran tafsir with ahkam etc. This is what I have gathered from the Sheikhs who I learnt from that I recall now, others may have said either valid points, and Allah knows best.