Question 40: Assalaamu a’laikum waRahmatullah. My question is about Salatul Tasabih and it’s authenticity. From what I have read, the hadith can be regarded sound with respect to its chain but weak with respect to its content. Can one perform it knowing it is weak and still expect reward? Or would it be wiser to abstain out of fear of doing bid’ah? Jazakumullahu khayr.

Answer:  Walaikumussalam Brother,

Salat of Tasbih, scholars disagreed whether the hadith about it are authentic or not.

Some said its chain of its narrations is not authentic while others said it is authentic based on many narrations .

To the best of my understanding, the Tasbih prayer is not legislated in Islam. This is from Sh Ibn Baz, Sh Ibn Utheimin, moreover the three Imams of fiqh, ie Abu Hanifah, Malik and shafiee, seemed to not even have heard about it. Moreover Imam ahmed knew it but said it is not authentic and people of his Madhhab did NOT say he changed opinion. I am comfortable with the strong valid good reasons for the ijtihad opinion of those numerous Imams who said this is not authentic, though I won’t blame if someone thought otherwise due to the difference in the issue.

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