Question 41 :¬†Assalaamu ‘alaykum Sheikhs,

From my friend:

“Mum got a question from one of the sisters. She missed 2 fasting days last year and couldn’t make it up before this year’s Ramadan, what can she do?”


Answer: Walaikumussalam Br Ismail Ibn Ahmed

Aishah (r.a) tried very seriously make up the Qada fasts that women miss about 7 days a month before next year Ramadan. So this shows it is very important to make them up before next year Ramadan. But of course this is not always possible such as if a woman was pregnant then breast feeding during the year. So there is no penalty for delaying till after next Ramadan if it was not possible earlier. But if it was possible but the person chose not to do it, then seeking istighfar (forgiveness) from Allah is the way. But there is no financial penalty upon them as the Prophet (s.a.w) did not mention to do so. This is Rajih. Allahu a’alam.