Question 48: Assalaamu ‘alaykum Shaikhs,

What is the ruling on bringing the children into the masjid/musalla to pray, especially in Ramadaan for taraweeh?

Does it very between Muslim and non-Muslim countries?

Some masjids chase the kids away and some places the kids go nuts!

What advice do you have for:

– parents,

– people who run masjids/musallas,

– musallees praying where kids are not behaving?

What’s the responsibilities of the parents when they bring their kids to masjid?

What can the masjids do to help?

Answer: Masjids have a special place in Islam. They are referred to as the houses of Allah and as such, children should be encouraged to go to the masjid from a young age so that they get used to the environment and to offering prayers in congregation. In this respect, there is no difference between Muslim or non-Muslim countries, but with respect to its need, there is even stronger need for kids to have that emotional experience for their well-being.

Parents should first explain to their kids the status of masjids and its etiquettes and then should try to take their children whenever possible as long as they do not trouble and do not cause commotion. Parents should pray alongside their children and not leave them wandering around. However, very young​ kids may not be brought to the masjids because they would not benefit from the place and the environment, unless if the mother feels she needs to come then of course she has the responsibility to ensure to give the child some fresh air if he/she is in a disturbing others mood.

People who run masjids and other musallees should be tolerant of children though communicate the need to parents that the kids are not troubling. If kids misbehave, their parents should be made aware. But a word of caution that if children are scolded sternly, it could have a negative impact upon them.