Question 46: Assalamualaikum Sheikh.

May Allah bless you and your family abundantly.

Qn: A student started fasting in Brisbane, whose fast started a day later than Singapore.

Singapore’s fast last 29 days in 2017.

Does the student has to fast one extra day outside of Ramadan since he/she will only be doing 28 days? Any other payment does the student has to do?

Answer: Walaikumussalam Brother,

Yes Br Ahmad the prophet (s.a.w) said the month is like this and this and this and he put out 29 fingers in the three times showing that the minimum fasts we need to do is 29. Thus that hrother should do one fast the day after the day of the Eid and complete the total as 29 days. But there is no penalty of any sort at all because there is no shortcoming from the person and its all good!