Question 52 :  Assalaamu ‘alaykum Sheikhs,

I would like to ask your opinion in regards to this matter I’m facing.

I received an offer to work overseas but having a second thought in accepting it.

Is it permissible for one to work in a company that is related to ONLINE Gambling? My role would be designing game element and drawing some artwork that is related to the gambling subject.


Answer: Walaikumussalam Brother,

As is well know, gambling is mentioned in the Quran as a Major Sin and Allah even referred to it along with intoxicants and eating lf pig meat as Rijs (filthy). One of the harms of it, among other harms, is that it can create hatred between people and animosity as well as distract people from prayer – thus Allah says for us to stop from it.

Not only is a thing that is haraam a haraam but also collaboration in making haraam to occur,

ولا تعاونوا على الإثم والعدوان

“And do not collaborate/cooperate/facilitate in sin and transgression”.

That is do not do sin that Allah is displeased with nor transgress the limits against people, nor facilitate in others doing it.

As a result we can see that Allah wants us to never do gambling a major sin nor facilitate for others to do it.


Remember that given that this life is there to be tried and tested in a variety of situations between our devotion & obedience to Allah versus that to other fellow human beings or ourselves, given that this is the “name of this game” that we know as worldly life before the eternal life, so we expect that Allah will bring within our reach some haraam to test us to live out who we really are. The test may involve giving up a higher salary job or one we are very passionate about but eventually Allah will sustain us in a halal/permissible way that is in our own interest & welfare. And a halaal income, even lesser, brings greater barakah and benefit and vice versa.

May Allah turn our hearts to His obedience, always. Ameen!