Question 55: Assalamu alaykum Sheiks or Admins. Would you please upload the updated list of halal or prohibited ingredients in bread, chocolate and other food such as emulsifiers 471, 472, 482 if not form vegetable derivatives? We will be benefited so much inshaAllah. One brother has asked me about 476 but I was not sure to answer about this one. Jazakallahu khairan

Answer :  Assalamualaikum Brother,

Eating halal food is an obligation by Allah in Quran. But both myself and Sheikh Aslam Abuismaeel have not got information on the permissible food additives numbers compared to those that are not permissible. Which numbers have what and to what extent is something we have not had chance to research into. It is important, but we just haven’t found the resources for us to independently know what are the ingredients, etc and so we follow what is well known among Muslims of ingredients that are haraam from other people’s research. So please ask others who may know good sites for this – even here in this group of someone know good sites listing halal and haraam food additives please post them below here?