Question 58: Assalaamu ‘alaykum Sheikhs,

I got sent this message:

Assalamu Alikum

Is this authenticated hadith?


من غسل يوم الجمعة واغتسل، وبكر وابتكر، ومشى ولم يركب، ودنا من الإمام واستمع، ولم يلغ كان له بكل خطوة عمل سنة أجر صيامها وقيامها..

*Translation of the Hadith*:

*Whoever performs,*

1- Ghusl on the day of Jumaah.

2- leaves early to( the masjid).

3- goes walking not riding.

4- sits close to the Imam.

5- listens without talking.

*he will earn FOR EACH STEP the reward of Fasting and making Qiyam for one year*.

In other words:

*for 1 step*= *you will get a reward of 1 year fasting &qiyam allleyl*

*100 steps = 100 years fasting &qiyam*

By the way:

1 kilometre walking = around 1150 steps & this will give you a reward of 1150 years fasting & 1150 qiyam alleyl.

*Share it to maximise your rewards*


Answer : Assalamualaikum Br Ismail Ibn Ahmed

There are very few hadith, if any, which mention such a great reward. Most scholars of Hadith said it is authentic. However it should be noted that not all of them authenticated the same wording.

Among the scholars who authenticated the Hadith with the items in the same order as the Hadith you quoted are:



Ibn Mulaqqin

Ibn Kathir

Ibn Hajar

Sh Albaani

Sh Ahmed Shaakir