Questions 61: Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi

Now that we have graduated from Ramadhan, how do we maintain the level of taqwa that we may have obtained during Ramadhan?


Answer: Good thought Brother,

It will be good if others contributed below what helps to maintain high level of taqwa after Ramadan.

A few from me:

– Recite, listen & reflect on Quran daily

– Take time out to just reflect on the Names, Attributes, the signs & greatness of Allah, the purpose of life and our progress in this journey

– Always keep seeking benenficial knowledge ie of Islam overall

– Read hadith such as Riyadusalihin

– Read bio of great Salaf (ie early great Muslims) starting with the Seerah of the Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w), other Prophets, Sahabah, etc.

– Take opportunity to do even a small good deed because every good deed is a sign of Iman rising and a means for its further strengthening.

– Extra fasts, prayers, dua.

– Choose friends and keep company of the pious who are striving to do good deeds and seek knowledge so it strengthens our heart and mind.

May Allah give us more beneficial knowledge, Taqwa and good deeds with a blessed long life and a good pious end to our lives, ameen.