Question 65 :  Assalaamu alaikum Sheikhs,

May I know the ruling on an-nasheed? Are the ones without music permissible and if so what types are permissible in terms of content. Also, if it is, are we allowed to play it at a walimah for example?

Jazaakumullahu Khair.

Answer:  Assalamualaikum Brother,

Nasheeds are permissible in general but due to people coming up with all sorts of Nasheeds, many of which are either not allowed or questionable, the scholars gave guidelines:

– Musical instruments should not be used

– Not doing it too much or making it ones focus

– Should not be in a woman’s voice

– Should not resemble tunes of the people of immorality and promiscuity

– Should be free of vocal tunes which produce sounds like the musical instruments

– Should not have tunes which make the listener high, like what happens to those who listen to songs

Please see a fatwa already present on this, the link is below.

About Walimah, the above Nasheed fatwa is general for Walimah and other occasions. So Nasheed ought to be allowed in Walimah with above guidelines.

As for Daff in Walimah, it seems that the Prophet (pbuh) allowance of Daff is more as an announcement of Walimah rather than an entertainment because in those days they used to beat the Daff loud to announce matters for those far away. Allah knows best.