Question 64 : Assalamualaikum dear Sheiks and admins. I have found a comprehensive list of halal, haram and mushbooh E-codes of ingredients from the website that may be very useful for us. But this list was updated in 2010. I am not sure about the authenticity but some of ingredients we know are fallen into the correct category. Allah knows best.

Jazakallahu khairan

Answer :  Walaikumussalam

Thank you Br Robiul Islam Rubel for finding what seems a helpful resource, jazakallahukhair. It does require a lot of effort to do a full complete independent research on this.

A point to keep in mind is that the colouring derived from insect’s hard back area, then though scholars generally said insects are haraam to eat because they are repugnant to a sound nature human being while Allah said to eat that which is good, however, there is room for ijtihad difference of opinion to consider permissible the hard back covering part that is ground for colouring and used even in foods such a Butter Chicken for its colour. Good to be aware of this difference.

Besides that some ingredients that are placed in very small amount are considered by some contemporary scholars as permissible due to small amount (as with small najasah in wudu water being excused) while other scholars consider it as haraam since the wudu water is for external use while food enters and passes through the body thus no najasah or haraam ought to he consumed/injected into the body’s interior. Though I am unconvinced the the first opinion, however it is good to be aware that it maybe the reason some Muslims consume it.