Question 71 : Asalamu alaykum shiekhs

I am asking in regards to a scenario and whether or not your fast would be acceptable.

if i woke up for fajr and prayed and decided i wanted to fast that day. would my fast be acceptable or would i have to do a niyah before fajr as well as have suhoor.

if acceptable is there a hadith where the prophet s.a.w did that or something similar.

jazakum allahu khairan


Answer : Walaikumussalam Brother

If its Fard fast, the niyyah (intention) has to be done prior to commencement of the fasting time before Fajr, otherwise the Fard fast is not valid.

But if it is a extra fast that is not fard/compulsory, then you can start the fast with an intention at any time during fajr or even after fajr during the day if and only if you had not eaten or drank or did anything that ordinarily breaks fast prior to the moment you want to begin fasting (ie since end of suhur time till then).

Here is a link from which has two hadith that say what is mentioned here that you are looking for:


Wassalamu alaikum