Question 72 : Assalamualaikum respected Sheikhs.


Just a quick question in regards to the best acts of worships in regards to someone who might not have much longer lifespan in this Dunya.


So basically, the doctor said my Grandmother in law have not much left and pretty much waiting for her time to be called to Allah. She’s pretty much on the bed now, barely speaking and as though she couldn’t hear or respond. Barely wants to eat or even drink.

So, firstly, what would be the best acts of worship that the relatives could do in regards to ‘help’ her, if I may say so?


Secondly would be, if possible, the acts of worship that my Grandmother can do while waiting before she is being called by Allah?


Jazakumullahu khayran kathira!


Answer : Assalamu alaikum Br Izzat Roslan


My apology for the late reply as I only just read your question now.


Our relatives are a gift from Allah given to us for a short time in this life! We are put in this life by Allah for a relatively short period to do good deeds, then taken away to be resurrected in the eternal life. I pray Allah makes the rest of the stay on earth a benefitial, blessed and easy one for your grandmother and gives her a good end to this life and a a good accounting on Qiyamah.


Here are some ideas that come to my mind on the spur of the moment about what the grandmother can do in the final few days and what we all can do, especially her children and grandchildren, can do for her.


She can do:


– Istighfar

– Expect well from Allah

– Dua for any and all good from Allah as it is ebadah

– Dua for other people to have general and specific good as the angels say and for you too.

– Try to return debts to others if any. Also if we may have done wrong to others then ask their forgiveness now prior to our death orherwise on the day of judgement it will be a sin for us and we could lose our good deeds to them.


– Give monetary charity if possible. Also being good to visitors and smiling etc to them is charity with deeds.

– Do dhikr of Allah from the Adhkar that are in Quran and Sunnah, even saying la ilaha illallah etc.

– Recite Quran if possible, and if possible understand its meaning

– When cannot recite Quran, listen to it via audio translation.

– Even listen to other good talks by scholars or good speakers that remind of good related to Allah, great people of before, so that it boosts our eman in our last days. Similar to this are hadith of the Prophet (s a.w) to read them as they remind us Allah.


We can do:


– Meet her, or speak to her, remind her of good topics to do with Allah.

– Remind her to think well of future with Allah, Hos Compassion, Mercy; ask Allah’s forgiveness and expect his forgiveness after seeking it sincerely.

– Remind her to do Adhkar from Quran & Hadith, to recite Quran, to listen to it, etc because the best good for her is from the good that she does herself as we were created only to do good deeds.

– Her children and grand children particularly pray for her now and after she passes away as that is a dua that continues to benefit her long after.

– Her children and grandchildren at least can give charity with intention that it is on her behalf and inshallah she gets the reward for it.

– As for reciting Quran for others to get reward for it, some of Tabieen apparently believed we can and others believed we cannot and that is what I understand is correct.

– Everyone can pray for her forgiveness most importantly as we all need Allah’s forgiveness, and pray for other good for her too because dua is one of the best ways we can benefit any other person.

– Do good deeds ourselves, charity and Istighfar then pray for her as the more free we are of sins the more likely our dua is accepted.

– Ask people to forgive her if she had wronged any one.


These are some I could think of on the spur of the moment to reply quickly. If others remember, please suggest other deeds in comments below, jazakumullahukhair.