Question 73  :  Asalaam Aleykum Seikh, what you advice regarding attendance of graduation ceremony?


Answer : Walaikumussalam Br Adem Ibn Besim

As far as is there any haram in attending a graduation ceremony, the only main possibility that comes to my mind is if it involved touching members of the opposite gender that the Prophet Muhammed (s a.w)

forbade (with exception of permissible to touch Mahram or spouse). Besides that I cannot think of anything inherent in the occasion that may be haram to make it haram attending it. So besides the haram touching or inappropriate mixing of genders, so long as those two are avoided, it is upto your personality – some people cherish the graduation ceremony as the culmination of their years of effort and being outgoing they will love to attend. Other people maybe less outgoing and thus prefer not to attend the graduation ceremony. Either way – whether you attend it or not – is a flexible matter, the occasion itself is halal so long as haram is avoided there as mentioned above.

Allahu a’alam.