Question 78 : Assalamu alaykum Dear Sheikh,

I have two questions

1) I was praying behind an imam who was going too fast, in the 3rd and 4th rakah he got up from ruku before I could finish reciting surah fatihah…so was my prayer and going to ruku after completing reciting fatihah correct?

2) when I’m travelling and I join a congregation prayer in the 4th rakah , do I pray the full 4 rakah or shorten my prayer to 2 rakah ?

I hope you are able to comprehend my questions.

Jazaak Allah khayr

Answer : Walaikumussalam  Dear Brother,

  1. Based on the understanding that reciting Surah Fatihah is compulsory for everyone in each rak’ah that the Imam recites quietly, if then the Imam recites Fatihah quuckly and goes to Ruku, then we behind him still need to finish our faithah recitation since its a Rukn (pillar) and only then go to the Ruku. But when in Ruku, if the Imam has arisen from Ruku, we should just say Samarabbuyal’adheem minimum of once and then get up and keep up with the Imam since following the Imam from behind is compulsory. Also if we realise this Imam recites quickly then we should also recite as quickly as is allowed for us, ie pronounce each word properly.
  1. If we join the Imam who is praying complete 4 rak’ah then we should also pray the full 4 rak’ah even if we are travellers because as the prayer being offered by the congregation is a 4 rak’ah prayer and we are required to follow the Imam, as the Prophet (s.a w) said. Only of the case was reversed, the Imam is traveller this prays 2 rak’ah, then the resident followers must pray 4 rakah because the compulsory minimum for resident is 4 rak’ah.

I hope I passed my comprehension test, Brother  :-)