Question 87: Dear Sheikhs, I have never been to hajj. I heard that the cloth that covers the Kaaba is soaked with perfume. Is this correct?
If it’s true, would someone in ihram invalidate his Ihram if he touched the cloth?
Jazakumullahukhairan Sheikhs

Answer : Assalamu alaikum Brother,

I do not know whether the cloth of Kabah is soaked in perfume. I wouldn’t be surprised that it is perfumed since it is good to perfume it, obviously.

During Hajj time though the cloth is raised higher above human height, from what I recall, so not possible to get its perfume on our ihram!

In other months, the cloth I believe is lowered down and we can touch it. But from my memory, its scent was not so much that it will come onto our ihram clothes nor so much as to rub perfume onto our body.

Allah knows best