Question 93 :  Assalamualaikum Sheikh. May Allah reward you and your family abundantly.

I have a question. Guidelines from the Prophet Sallahu Alaihi Wassalam for eating is a third for food, a third for water and a third for air. My question, is there any objective measurement of such guideline i.e. how many grams of water or food etc?

Answer  :  Walaikumussalam Br Ahmad Bukhari

Since practically and realistically there is no way for us of measuring in grams what a third is, the obvious intent of this will thus be what is a third of that which will make us full after eating to ESTIMATE about a third of it to eat, another third to drink and leave a third to be able to breathe comfortably which otherwise is not possible if ate to our full stomach.

Whenever the apparent meaning is not possible in reality, practice or rationally with common sense – depending on the context – then the next most suitable meaning for the context is what is intended, especially as Sh Ibn Utheimeen (r) once taught to keep in mind the Prophet speaks to the people in simple obvious speech and not in riddles.

May Allah give mercy, forgiveness, blessings and highest place to our teachers, the Muslim Scholars of the real Islam, its Quran and Sunnah. Ameen.