Question 97 : Assalamualaikum wa rahamatullah Sheikh. I had a question. It’s said in the Hadith that the best month to keep fast after Ramadan is Muharram. But there are also hadiths which state that the prophet never fasted a whole month except Ramadan. So should one fast the whole month or just increase the number of days of fasting in the particular month.

Zazakallah khairun


Answer :  Walaikumussalam Br Mohammad Salahuddin

Because Muharram is the best month to fast after the rank of Ramadan, therefore it is recommended to fast many many days of Muharram.

But because the Prophet (s.a.w) did not fast a full complete month beside Ramadan, it is good for us to not fast whole of Muharram, but we may if we like fast most of the month and even nearly the whole month but Sunnah not to do the entire month.

This way we act on both sets of facts – Muharram best to fast and yet the Prophet didn’t fast whole of any month except Ramadan.


Allah knows best