The Day of Judgement is the culmination of the efforts and deeds of the life of this world.  Some on that Day will be content, reassured and satisfied with their positions, whilst others will be in anguish and despair.  The Day of Judgement is the Last Day after which there is no other.  Belief in it constitutes on the fundamental six pillars of faith (Iman), and aids a person to be steadfast during their life upon the purpose of their existence.

The Day of Judgement will bring with it great horrors the gravity of which will be second to none in its intensity.  Every person from every generation, without exception, will be brought back to life of that Day, gathered altogether for the reckoning.  Their circumstances will be severe – the mountains turning to sand, being blown away like cotton wool; the seas being set ablaze reaching to great heights; the sky fractured and broken turning a deep orange-red colour.  These are but some of the descriptions that we find given by Allah in the Noble Qur’an and by the Prophet (S) in the Hadith.

Among the groups of people that the Prophet (S) mentioned that will be given shade on that Day are seven.  The Prophet (S) said, “Seven people Allah will give them His Shade on the Day when there would be no shade but the Shade of His Throne (i.e., on the Day of Resurrection): a just ruler; a youth who grew up with the worship of Allah; a person whose heart is attached to the mosques, two men who love and meet each other and depart from each other for the sake of Allah; a man whom an extremely beautiful woman seduces (for illicit relation), but he (rejects this offer and) says: ‘I fear Allah’; a man who gives in charity and conceals it (to such an extent) that the left hand does not know what the right has given; and a man who remembers Allah in solitude and his eyes become tearful”.  [Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim]

Insha-Allah in Part 2 of this series, we continue on this topic, and cover the following:

– Intercession of the Prophet (S) for Allah to start the judgement

– Reckoning and accountability of the people

– Weighing using the Scales and Balances

– Crossing the Siraat and entry into Paradise or Hell

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