Student Code of Conduct

1. All mobile phones and other electronic transmitting devices are to be switched off during the course.
2. Students are to address the teacher in a respectful manner using terms such as “Shaykh” or ” Ustadh”.
3. Students are to act in a courteous manner towards their fellow classmates and their teacher.
4. Questions are only to be asked during with Q&A sessions at the end of each section using appropriate etiquette, unless the teacher offers to take questions outside of these times.
5. Students are to be prompt on attending each session and not be late.
6. No eating is permitted during the sessions, especially during delivery of course material by the presenter and while communicating with the presenter.
7. Students are encouraged to take notes of important, interesting and key pieces of knowledge delivered during the sessions.
8. Students are highly recommended to review and test their understanding of the material through the online assessment available for the course on