Terms and conditions for students registering for courses:

  1. If the course date is cancelled by the organisers, we will refund the full amount paid by the student.
  2. If the course date is changed by the organisers, the student has the option to seek a full refund for the amount paid or continue with attending the course.
  3. Any course date change/cancelled will be notified at least one week prior the original date.
  4. Student cancellation policy: (i) Please note that those who cancel their registration two or more weeks before the course get a full refund if fees paid if they inform us in writing to info@HikmahWay.com   (ii) For those who cancel after that, OR do not show up at the event, they do not get any refund nor any notes or any material.  We strictly reserve the notes only for those who attend the whole course or at least 3/4 of it. (iii) Any registered student who fails to attend the course/event or 3/4 of it, will not be eligible for refund of fees, nor eligible for notes or any course material. (iv) Attendees must bring a photo ID to prove their identity on the day of the event. Without verifying this, a person will not be able to attend. (v) Transferring of a person’s ticket to another is  not allowed. (iv) Anyone who cannot attend a course but informs us via above admin email between two weeks prior to the course and upto 24 hours before the commencement of the course, cannot get a refund of the fee but they are entitled to use that fee as a credit towards the NEXT course ONLY. If not used for the next course, the fee credit expires automatically and cannot be used for subsequent later courses.
  5. The student agrees to abide by all the codes of behaviour required by the organisers at the event. Please see the following link for a list of behavioural guidelines as they are important for maintaining a pleasant atmosphere during course delivery. Failure to comply with these codes of conduct may result in the student being removed from the course without any refund.
  6. When you attend our events, your email address will only be subscribed to the mailing list of (1) HikmahWay Institute and possibly to its’ instructors’ complimentary services lists at (2) Australian Muslim Youth Network (AMYN), (3) ImanNest – Skills for a Highly Productive Ummah, and (4) Sunnah Inspirations our affiliate Organisation.
  7. Payments will be made via PayPal and will be collected by ‘Sunnah Inspirations Inc’ on behalf of Himkahway Institute.
  8. All learning materials MUST be collected at the event itself by attending the ENTIRE event. Thus, students are required to attend the whole event or at least 3/4 of the event to be eligible for the learning materials and will not be given any learning material if they registered but did not attend the event at all or attend at least 3/4 of the event. So please do not request us for any learning materials if you did not attend that much.
  9. All resolution of disputes will be made by HikmahWay Institute Admin in the best possible manner that they deem to be fair to both parties given these Terms and Conditions.
  10. HikmahWay Institute will endeavour to meet its advertised features and standard to the best of its ability, and is not responsible for any changes from the advertised features if needed.
  11. It is the students responsibility to provide HikmahWay Institute their correct email address, mobile phone number, and postal address for delivery of appropriate contents promised by HikmahWay, and it is the student’s responsibility to check its correctness regularly to receive all updates or content that we send.
  12. We strictly reserve the notes only for those who attend the whole course or at least three quarters of the event from its beginning to the end.
  13. HikmahWay strictly prohibits recording or transmission of any part of its events in video, audio or any format, except the taking of written notes during class. Anyone who is discovered to do this will be asked to delete it and hand it over to HikmahWay immediately and maybe asked to leave the event immediately without an refund of the fees. So please do not violate this.
  14. HikmahWay does not give permission to anyone to copy or transmit any of its notes or materials to anyone else without prior written official legal permission from HikmahWay.
  15. Any one who we refund fees, will be refunded the initial amount minus $7 due to admin work plus PayPal/Credit card/bank fees that we get penalized. The resulting balance and not the initial amount will be refunded.