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The anticipated webinar – Means of Getting Our Dua’ Accepted, had been successfully organised on the 26 Dec 2015. Although, it was holiday for most people, the attendees did not hold back and instead, they tuned in and listened to the Webinar.


The followings were the highlights of the webinar –

  1. Sheikh Aslam began the webinar by mentioning the overall requirements for dua to be accepted by Allah and the five important factors for dua to be accepted.
  2. Then, he delved deeper into the ultimate recipe to make our dua complete by employing several actions, words, time and places mentioned in the Quran and through examples from the Sunnah of our beloved Rasul-Allah Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him).
  3. Apart from etiquettes and manner of making dua, The sheikh also prepared a bonus section about the implication of sins and how repentance can help give added-value to our dua.
  4. The webinar ended with questions from our brothers and sisters from Australia, Singapore, India and many more.


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