Fiqh of Hajj


Live online classes on the topic, Fiqh of Hajj. You’re given chances to for question and answers directly from the Sheikh. The class will be held for four Sundays for four weeks, two hours each session.
We will be having a test at the end of the class too!

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Fiqh of Women’s Taharah Fiqh-wOMAN-tAHARAH completed


“The Key to the Prayer is Taharah (purification)”, said our beloved Prophet Muhammed (pbuh). Daily Wudu (ablution), proper shower (ghusl) for prayer, purification after Menstruation, post-child birth bleeding, effect of menstrual bleeding during marital relationship and even divorce are areas related to Taharah (purification) that are essential for every adult Muslim man and woman to be fully aware of for a life of piety, having our prayers answered by Allah, and an eternal Paradise. Read More…