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Have you ever been asked by someone questions about the source of the Qur’an?
Whose words are the Qur’an?
How can I understand with certainty that the Qur’an is – without doubt – from Allah?

If you attended last month’s HikmahWay Institute webinar – “Reasons the Quran is the Book & Miracle of Allah” (28th Feb) – your questions would have been answered!

HikmahWay Senior Lecturer and Principal, Sheikh Aslam AbuIsmaeel, presented some of the most important reasons that we believe the Quran is indeed the Book of Allah. He highlighted points that any person with rational common sense would be compelled to agree the uniqueness and divine nature of the Qur’an.


Among the highlights were:

  1. In order to see that the Qur’an is the divine Book of Allah, the criterion of what distinguishes a book of Allah should be made clear: (a) unique, (b) superior to the level of the Almighty, and (c) it’s guidance is successful for its purpose. The Sheikh then set out in the Webinar to show that all these criteria are the hallmark of the Qur’an.
  2. Moreover, even the style of the Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w) – great that it is compared to style of other people – still is very different in style and far less in quality of the Qur’an clearly showing that (a) the Qur’an is from someone far superior even to the eloquent Prophet, and (b) not from a human but in fact from the Creator of humans, the divine the Almighty.  Example of Shakespeare  was mentioned to show this point.
  3. In addition to the literary quality, the message of the Quran is (a) fully consistent (i.e. not contradictory with itself  nor) with the reality or scientific facts as (b) is the Qur’anic guidance perfect in producing a healthy and successful individual and society for living up to the purpose of life. Reasons which reinforce that the Qur’an is the book and guidance of the all Knowing, all Wise Lord of the Worlds. Examples of Qur’anic guidance on inheritance highlighted this point clearly.

Alhamdulillah, The webinar ended with couple of points and advice from sheikh Aslam about how we can appreciate the Quran in our life.